AMKS offers personalised holistic financial planning advice, ongoing service with regular reviews, and appointments after hours where appropriate to meet client needs.

We specialise in self managed superannuation fund advice and services, transition to retirement strategies, estate planning ,and tax planning.

AMKS provides a high level of advice at a fair cost. You have a say in the way we get paid for the services we provide to you. AMKS does not receive commission or fees for referrals to 3rd parties, nor does it pay commissions or fees for any referrals received from 3rd parties.

We are focused on wealth creation and retention, and putting the client first. AMKS strictly adheres to the Financial Planning Association’s Code of Ethics.

Your first appointment with AMKS is a free consultation where we get to know your situation, and only if we believe we can add substantial value for you do we discuss taking you on as a client.

Our clients include small business owners, professionals and other individuals wanting strategic and investment advice, pre-retirees looking to maximise their savings before retirement, and retirees looking to preserve their capital in retirement and pass on their wealth (tax effectively) to their family etc.

Our service offering includes your ability through our website to view at any time the current valuation of your investment portfolio, keep abreast of matters relevant to your financial situation, and provide us with updated relevant personal financial information via the AdviserLogic link on the AMKS website.

Calculators are available on the AMKS website to demonstrate the benefit of financial decisions you make.

Through our various means of communication with you, and our website links to other useful and relevant websites, we aim to build your level of comfort in making informed investment and lifestyle decisions that will help you to achieve your lifestyle goals.

We network with like minded 3rd party referral sources for those services that AMKS does not provide to you direct.

Both AMKS and Remunerator (the licensed dealer group) are privately owned companies and have no ownership links to financial institutions, or any direct financial interest in financial institutions we recommend.

By using our services, you gain greater confidence that you are planning for, or can maintain, a comfortable retirement and be better prepared for any financial situation. You also take comfort in knowing that you are dealing with a financial planning firm that will help in taking care of your overall financial situation and has your trust.