AMKS Financial Services Pty Ltd (AMKS) provides a very personalised and thorough planning service that follows the following logical and proven path.

  • Fact Finding - where all necessary information is gathered to assist in development of the Statement of Advice (SOA). This will include all relevant facts concerning assets and liabilities, current plans, current superannuation and life insurance products, plus the short, medium and long term goals of the client.
  • Evaluation - where all the information is considered and the client's present position is compared to their objectives.
  • Analysis of Options - where areas needing attention are addressed and alternatives to achieving the objectives are considered.
  • Recommendations - are presented and the client has any significant risks and the overall strategy explained to them. All questions are answered and priorities set.
  • Implementation - client authorises their Remunerator Financial Services authorised representative (AMKS) to implement the chosen strategy.

Once implemented, to remain effective all financial recommendations and strategies need to be reviewed from time to time. It is advised that this be done no less frequently than annually, as this will allow changes in personal circumstances, movements in investment markets, and changes in tax ruling and legislation to be considered.

On-Going Monitoring and Reporting

AMKS uses AdviserLogic, emerging as Australia's most innovative and integrated web-based financial planner workbench provider. This means your AMKS financial planner can provide the level of servicing each client requires, and clients can have ongoing access to their information through a secure online link to AdviserLogic, provide updated personal and financial information via our website, and use the online calculators to perform various financial calculations.

Referrals to Other Services

At times, assistance is required from other professionals. Remunerator Financial Services authorised representatives have their own established referral network to accountants, solicitors, trustee services, mortgage brokers, stock brokers, and other related professionals.


Remunerator Financial Services holds a dealer's licence issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). As an authorised representative of Remunerator Financial Services, AMKS is authorised to provide advice on an extensive range of products and services. At AMKS, our first and foremost responsibility is to act for our clients.

Remunerator Financial Services is responsible for the advice given, and to ensure its authorised representatives receive continuing education so that they remain qualified to provide the advice they have been authorised to give.