Balancing your work with your family

Each family will have a bread winner who will provide the necessary financial assistance for the entire family. Traditionally it was the father but as of recent times, the mother is an additional bread winner. With the economic situations, it has become very difficult to depend on one source of income for an average income earning family.

The conventional job will start at 9am and go on till 5pm. Within that hour your family members may rarely hear from you or will have minimum contact. At present there are organizations that conduct a strict disciplinary basis where employees are requested to keep their belongings in a locker and the locker will be safe while the key will be given to the relevant employee. The employee will get the chance to go through his/her messages during an interlude. This is done so that the organization can make sure that they are efficiently utilizing their human skills.

However, with the high rate of females coming into the job market this practice has proven to be a little ineffective since they carry a higher weight of responsibility to consider their child’s needs. As a solution to this, organizations have started to change their business models to accommodate work from home. This concept will allow employees to carry out the tasks assigned from home. This will allow mothers to stay back and look after their children while attending to the work given in the comfort of their home. This approach will have its drawbacks as many household work mums find it very difficult to cope up with the work while taking care of their kids.

The task has become very complex. However, you would have encountered many home-made entrepreneurs who have started their own business while staying at home. for instance, there are many cake bakers, short eats bakers, hand crafts, handloom businesses in the market. Many initiated by household mothers who got motivated after staying at home. With a systematic strategy, the necessary contacts and a skilled set of assistance and an unending demand, the business will for sure have a good future of earning a massive revenue.

In this way, you can spend more time with your family members and endure in what you love. You will avoid those situations of having to deal with distant relatives criticizing you for not being a good parent by not spending time with the children. However, you need to make sure to make time for your family members despite having a home business. This option is not limited to mothers. It can be stretched out to fathers who wish to follow their passion while carrying the responsibility of their off springs.

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